Nadwiślany Hotelgram Hotel  - Winner of the

Nadwiślany Hotelgram Hotel - Winner of the "Best of Mazovian" competition!

We are the best in the voivodship! In the "Best of Mazovian" competition in the category of "Accommodation" our complex has won in juggling! We have won a total of 1200 votes, and the hotel that took second place only won 540!

Thank you to the team that has prepared the competition for so many years, to all the cooperating companies, and above all

to our nice guests who voted for us! You are fantastic!

Brief information for those of you who are unfamiliar with the competition formula or its prestige:

The "Best of ..." competition is qualified for accommodation in a region that has been recognized by TripAdvisor

and a special oversight committee for the past 5 years.

The rules of awarding a place in the main competition are extremely restrictive, and only a small group of objects

can enjoy the very participation in the competition, not to mention winning its regional edition!

We are very proud of it, and looking forward to the national competition, which will be broadcast

on the channel HotelarzTV and on the website, as well as in regional television. It's all in October 2017.

Keep your fingers crossed and vote for us again! Thank you!

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