The City of Warsaw

Warsaw is an extremely colorful and inspirational city, full of historical references, but also a mecca of modern Poland. It is in Warsaw you will find the most interesting places and historically and architecturally, as well as great events and kitchens of the whole world.

The Palace in Wilanów

Initially, in the years 1677-1680 it was a typical suburban magnate residence, in the shape of a Polish court with alcohols. The expansion and decoration project was probably entrusted to Tyler Gameren. Augustyn Locci was the manager of the work.

In the years 1692-1696 the central part of the palace received the second floor, and the palace towers were crowned with copper helmets. In shape from 1696 represents the characteristic type of baroque residence of suburban entre cour et jardin. In the years 1720-1728 side wings were added (author: Giovanni Spazzio - chief architect Elżbieta Lubomirski

After the death of Sobieski in 1696, the palace was owned by his sons, but the effect of the succession conflict that followed, the palace was completely stripped of equipment and all movable - windows, doors, fireplaces, etc.

Vistula boulevards

Vistula boulevards from the Świętokrzyski Bridge to the Silesian-Dabrowski Bridge were officially opened in June 2017, but only now can you see how much they fell in love with the Warsaw people. See photos!